The health sector has a dynamic structure. We exert special efforts to follow up new technology products and methods and to use them correctly in order to increase the quality of provision of health services in our country.

The hygiene of healthcare professionals, patients and people-intensive areas is the basis of a healthy life. Today, great efforts are made to control infection and prevent the spread of infectious diseases worldwide. For this reason, it is important for a healthy future to focus on new techniques, new methods in hygiene and disinfection and to ensure their implementation.

Kleentech provides services in cooperation with national and international companies that supply high quality and innovative technologies in the sector as its main goal. Kleentech is the only company that invests in the hygiene sector before the pandemic, and is specialized in the R&D studies in this field.

Kleentech employs personnel specialized in the sector and trained and certified by the Ministry of Health, and performs the operations that require expertise such as risk analysis and hygiene expertise in the most professional way.

Kleentech has the Ministry of Health's Biocidal Product Application License, and has an organization to serve all around Turkey. It continues to provide the disinfection service successfully as a solution partner for the important institutions in the country.