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Your Vehicle is Under Long-Term Protection Against Epidemics.

According to the research, it has been determined that the interior and ventilation of the vehicles that we use every day is an ideal environment for bacteria and microbes, they can easily grow and cause serious disturbances by air.

Everyone who gets in the vehicle brings his own germs and leaves them. The viruses that spread to the air through sneezing and coughing are transmitted and grow inside the vehicle's ventilation system by means of respiration and hand contact. These viruses may cause potentially-fatal diseases such as upper respiratory infections, flus, colds, sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, bronchitis or even pneumonia.

The air conditioners and surfaces of vehicles become an environment that continuously generates epidemics.

For the health of our children and family, modern disinfection methods that are not allergenic and chemical-free should be used. Some auto odors that are used to remove undesired odors cause serious health problems due to the hundreds of harmful substances.

Besides, the application of hygiene in vehicles by using poor quality chemicals increases the risk of cancer. These chemicals penetrate into our body through hands, foods or breathing.

Instead of being treated after the symptoms of the disease appear, it is essential that the disease occurs and develops and it is prevented from penetrating the body and becoming an epidemic.

A Modern and Effective Disinfection Method: How to Apply innovative micro silver Ion Technology?

It is applied to all interior surfaces of the vehicle by using the ULV fogging method. All doors and windows are closed. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes for the fog mist to settle. Recirculation of the air conditioner is activated with the indoor air mode, and wait for 1 minute. The doors are opened, the vehicle is ventilated and delivered to the vehicle owner. Re-wiping, coating and cleaning are not necessary. It does not leave stains and does not have any corrosive effect.

The Effects of Micro Silver Ion Technology

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