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ATP is a device used in the surface and water tests to detect the contamination level in the sample within seconds.

The word Luminometer means measuring the light.

Along with the Hygiene Monitoring and Management System, it may achieve more effective and better results just in seconds and verify cleanliness.

Measurement kits are used together with the luminometer.

Samples are taken from the surface by using swabs. In these samples, the luciferase enzyme causes luminescence by separating the phosphate in the structure of ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate), which is the living cell of the microorganism. The luminometer counts this number of luminescence and detects the number of microorganisms as RLU (Relative Light Unit). In this way, the number of microorganisms in mm2 is detected just within seconds.

In maximum half a minute, the degree of contamination caused by organic residues (e.g. bacteria) is determined without enrichment or incubation.

It provides helpful information to identify the root causes of contamination and take action quickly.

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