With the biosynthesis method, silver is reduced to micro dimensions, and the chemical compounds contained it are discharged. In this way, the surface area is increased, and it is applied to surfaces by using the cold fogging method.

Kleentech Innovative Disinfection Application

With this application, it ionizes on all surfaces and demonstrates long-term (3 to 6 months on average) anti-bacterial characteristics. Thanks to its very special formulation, it is also efficient against viruses. It has patented characteristics to draw and destroy bacteria.

It is classified as a highly-efficient, advanced sanitizer with broad spectrum. It has the ability to destroy gram positive, gram negative, enveloped and non-enveloped bacteria as well as fungi and yeasts.

It can remove organic-based odors as well as sweat, foot and cigarette odors.

The World Health Organization reports that the presence of silver ions up to 100 ppm in drinking water does not pose a problem for human health. (WHO Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality. Page 415, second last paragraph of the Silver Section.) In the nano silver technology, 80 ppm is used for the disinfection of environments.