Our Customers: Our top priority is to ensure customer loyalty and to become solution-oriented. It is our corporate policy to create value for our customers and to respond to their demands with quality and stability. The health of our customers is more important than anything else.

Our Employees: Our biggest capital is our human resources.
It is part of our business to make the most of the talents, strength and creativity of our employees, to increase their efficiency and competencies, to enable them to develop, to create an environment of cooperation and solidarity and to ensure "happy employees" that continuously develop themselves in their jobs.

Integrity and Honesty: To comply with and respect the high business ethics and honest working principles is our business philosophy and essential values.
Our basic principle is to act fairly in line with the "win-win" rule and in good faith in all our relationships, and to continuously comply with the laws and moral rules. It is our duty to act with and spread the awareness of environmental protection for our society and for the world.

Creating sources: Our purpose is to create resources for continuous improvement.
Making the necessary investments to ensure the continuity of the services, creating resources from the activities and ensuring that all sources are rational are among our main principles.

Creativity: Anticipating customer needs and generating solutions to meet such needs.