Answer: Nano silver ion technology is a high technology Nano disinfectant developed for long term antibacterial effect by increasing the surface area and reducing silver ions to one millionth of millimeter. Bio-synthesis know-how is synthesized and purified.

Answer: It is approved by the Ministry of Health. The risk phrase is zero. Nano silver is accepted as a natural antibiotic in the world literature. The world health organization (WHO) tolerates 100 ppm silver in drinking water. Nano silver ion technology contains 80 ppm Nano silver. While Nano silver is produced as a chemical compound with hydrogen peroxide, zinc, formaldehyde and derivatives all around the world, Nano silver ion technology is free from all chemical compounds.

Answer:Our children need bacteria for the development of their defensive mechanism. In this way, their bodies produce antibodies and they can survive epidemic diseases less easily or they are not affected at all. Nano silver ions reduce bacterial levels on surfaces and bring new bacteria into death. However, the number of bacteria in the environment can never be destroyed completely. Bacteria are prevented from reaching the sickening population by restricting their living environments.

Answer: Nano silver has been tolerated up to 100 ppm in drinking water by the World Health Organization (WHO). In Nano Silver Ion Technology application, this ratio is 80 ppm density. It does not cause any side effects in case of inhalation, skin contact or ingestion.

Answer:The common misconception is that all silver products used in the market are nano silver. Nano silver ions are kept stable in super ionized water. When it is synthesized with the compounds such as hydrogen peroxide, zinc, chlorine and formaldehyde, silver cannot remain in nano size, and the particle size increases and grows into mono-silver size whose efficiency has decreased. Such growth significantly reduces its long-term efficiency or ensures instant effect.

Answer:Cleaning the surfaces before the application will increase the antibacterial efficiency of silver ions. After the application, it does not cause any stains and moisturizing and it does not have any corrosive wear effects. If it is not wiped and covered again, fog vapor settles down and long-term antibacterial efficiency starts immediately through ionization.

Answer:The application time is between 10 and 15 minutes for an area of approximately 100 square meters. 10 minutes after the completion, the fog layer settles down and the nano silver ions adhere to all surfaces and become active.

Answer:Before the application; it is recommended not to leave any exposed foods in the application area. Closed cabinet doors and shoe rack doors are opened to ensure that the interiors of the cabinets are disinfected.

Answer:The frequency of application varies according to the risk scope of each living space. It should be applied 20 days or once per month for the high-risk operating rooms, infection units, quarantines, intensive care units and home-care patient rooms,

It should be applied 1 - 1.5 times per month for the medium risk public transportation vehicles, social facilities, airport spaces and lounges, public areas and hotel rooms,

It should be applied once per 3 months for the kindergartens, offices, living spaces and homes.