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Kleentech - Store Disinfection

The high circulation areas in stores are also the areas where microorganisms can grow and infect most easily. The viruses that spread to the air are transmitted to the other people in the workplace by means of respiration and hand contact or with the help of the ventilation devices. These viruses cause diseases such as upper respiratory infections, flus, colds, sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, bronchitis or even fatal pneumonia.

Special attention should be paid to the issue of Store Disinfection. All areas within the stores as closed spaces where adults, children and people of all ages come, touch and breathe must be sterile. A normal cleaning performed on a weekly or even daily basis does not remove the bacteria and viruses in the stores.

Today, with the increase in the number of shopping centers, it is a fact that people visit stores quite often. As in all crowded environments, stores should be cleaned technologically.

Germs are effective after a certain incubation period in the people that they are infected with. The infected people carry the viruses to many places without realizing them, and therefore, every person that they contact, particularly their colleagues, families, are at risk.

We can reduce the risk of infection by disinfecting our living and working areas without being transmitted with infectious diseases.

Long-term antimicrobial protection can be ensured by using the Micro silver ion technology.

Micro silver ions ensure long-term antibacterial protection on the surfaces with the ionization of the silver in its content. Thanks to the properties of R&D and patent, it demonstrates anti-viral effectiveness and ensures the ability to destroy the surrounding bacteria by drawing them.

All enclosed areas and surfaces are taken under long-term protection by applying it to all surfaces by using the cold fogging method without human touch.

Thanks to the innovative micro technology, the surface area of silver is increased and its effectiveness is increased by 1000 times, but the use of active substances is kept to a minimum. Maximum effectiveness and minimum active substance is ensured on such surfaces and the environment.

It affects gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and viruses with its high-level broad spectrum effect, and prevents their growth. It is odorless, does not harm the environment, people and animals, and its biocidal license risk phrase is blank. It does not create any corrosive effects on surfaces, and does not leave stains. You do not need to wipe and cover it again. It is an ideal disinfectant.

Loss of Workforce Due to Disease is Minimized

The fact that hundreds of thousands of our citizens suffer from the flu in Turkey each year requires high drug and hospital spending, and huge economic losses occur in the workplaces due to the loss of workforce and loss of production. As the number of people who cannot come to workplaces due to disease increases, this situation causes financial losses and workforce losses for enterprises. The international studies demonstrate that influenza is responsible for 31% of absent days in the winter, while it is responsible for 10-12% of absent days during the entire year.

General Cleaning Does Not Prevent Epidemic Diseases

It is not hygienic to sweep workplaces with a vacuum cleaner and wipe them with detergent; germs, fungi and viruses continue to grow. The applications made by using the existing cleaning methods are insufficient due to the fact that the structure of bacteria can withstand water, antibiotics and many cleaning materials.

Instead of being treated after the symptoms of the disease appear, it is essential that the disease occurs and develops and it is prevented from penetrating the body and becoming an epidemic. Therefore, living spaces and workplaces should be made antibacterial.

With the micro silver ion technology, all surfaces are made antibacterial for a long time, preventing the re-growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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