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Every day, hundreds of thousands of people try to reach the point B from the point A by using public transportation. Public transportation causes not only passengers, but also millions of bacteria and microbes to transfer. Public transportation, which is the gathering point of any kind of epidemic diseases, may not be able to prevent the infectious diseases, which are transmitted through anti-viral routes, no matter how much they are cleaned.
Infected passengers carry these viruses to their workplaces and homes without realizing it, and their colleagues, families and anyone that they come into contact are at risk. Instead of being treated after the symptoms of the disease appear, it is essential that the disease occurs and develops and it is prevented from penetrating the body and becoming an epidemic. Therefore, public transportation vehicles should be disinfected by using modern methods.

Cleaning the living areas frequently and using various chemicals is not an efficient cleaning method in terms of bacteria. The frequent use of chemicals harms both the environment and people, and detergents that have lost their moisture by airway can be ventilated by air currents, and may cause serious discomfort, leading to cancer.

The health spending in our country is 120 billion TRY per year (TUIK 2016)

As the problem of cleaning the environment is not solved, easy contamination of the diseases cannot be prevented, and therefore, large sums of money are spent on health expenditures. According to the latest data:

Innovative Silver Ion Technology

Micro silver ions ensure long-term antibacterial protection on the surfaces with the ionization of the silver in its content. Thanks to the properties of R&D and patent, it demonstrates anti-viral effectiveness and ensures the ability to destroy the surrounding bacteria by drawing them.
All enclosed areas and surfaces are taken under long-term protection by applying it to all surfaces by using the cold fogging method without human touch.

Thanks to the micro technology, the surface area of ​​silver is increased and its effectiveness is increased by 1000 times, but the use of active substances is kept to a minimum. Maximum effectiveness and minimum active substance is ensured on such surfaces and the environment.

It affects gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and viruses with its high-level broad spectrum effect, and prevents their growth. It is odorless, does not harm the environment, people and animals, and its biocidal license risk phrase is blank. It does not create any corrosive effects on surfaces, and does not leave stains. You do not need to wipe and cover it again. It is an ideal disinfectant.


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